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Pool FIlters Company Cape Coral FLAll silver/copper systems, silver/ brass or zinc systems around are just chlorine reduction systems. Somewhere in the fine print they will make mention that you must use some sort of oxidizer to keep the pool clean, most commonly chlorine but they may mention bleach, hydrogen peroxide or a non-chlorine shock. All of these products (except chlorine), cannot be measured, are just as bad for you as chlorine, and can become toxic if used improperly. Hence, be very careful in surfing the internet for the best pool filters company and treatment systems.

CL Free Water Systems have the only electronic digital system that can oxidize and ionize at the same time. The CL Free Pool system is a chlorine elimination system and not a chlorine reduction system. The CL Free 'Classic Pool' system consists of three major parts: The Pool Controller, The Flow Cell and The Flow Switch. When your pump turns on and water begins to circulate, the flow switch electronically activates and turns on the Pool Controller, the brains of our system. After a 10 second diagnostic, the Pool Controller converts 120 Volt A/C into harmless low voltage D/C power energizing the plates in the Flow Chamber. The Pool Controller sends power to the 'Flow Chamber" by way of a custom wiring harness. The Flow Chamber houses two different set of plates: Copper Ion Bars and Titanium Oxidizing plates. This is why we are the best pool filters company in the market!

The combination of our Electronic Oxidation and Copper Ionization ensures a pristine, sparkling pool, without the danger or expense of harsh chemicals. We provide easier, safer, and more effective pool filter system than chlorine, salt, bromine, ozone, or Baquacil. Our pool filter system ensures reliable water sanitization with controlled copper ion release and electronic oxidation which eliminates (oxidizes) body oils, sun screens, tanning lotions, and the organic material that is killed by the Copper Ionization. These two powerful oxidizers are natural, non-caustic making CL Free pool system better for you, your pool and our environment. When you are looking for best pool filters company in the world, we have you covered.