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Chlorine keeps most swimming pools from bacteria and microorganisms by sanitation and oxidation. Homeowners are able to get rid of algae through chlorine treatment. However, recent research found that chlorine causes a lot of danger with its strong odor and toxic chemicals. Hence, homeowners these days look for chlorine free water treatment systems from a local swimming pool supply company to get away from dangers which chlorine may cause.

CL Free Water Systems has been providing the highest quality water treatment systems available on the market for both pools and homes for many years. Its Electronic Sanitation Technologies provide clean, crystal clear without using any salt, chlorine or any other harmful chemicals. Non chlorine, non salt systems can only be found in swimming pool supply company stores that carry the CL Free Water Systems. Their systems take an environmentally responsible approach to water treatment with its unique innovations, making it the only ECO leader in the industry. It electronically purifies discharges (back flush) from pool systems which can now be used by children and those who cannot be exposed to chlorine or other chemicals.

CL Free Water Systems offer products with advanced methods of water purification with their own electronic ionization, oxidation and carbon based filtration. Ionization is combined with dual media carbon-based filtration and oxygen/oxidation. Its systems use copper ionization as an antimicrobial sanitizing agent to control deadly pathogens with low copper for bacterial control.

CL Free technology allows dissolution of existing scales in pools. You wont find that in any other swimming pool supply company! It prevents minerals in your water from creating hard scale by electrically charging the minerals so they cannot bind together. It reduces calcium and scale build-up towards a clean, residue-free feeling after swimming. CL Free Water Treatment Systems are economical and practical for pool and whole house drinking water. Its state-of-the-art equipment and products replace the use of water softeners, iron filters, chemical feeders, and taste and odor filters, while eliminating the need for other water treatment methods.