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Swimming too often in chlorinated water 'could increase risk of developing bladder cancer', claim scientists

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 8:39 AM on 17th March 2011

Swimming too often in chlorinated water could increase the risk of getting bladder cancer, claim scientists. Researchers say cancer-causing chemicals called trihalomethanes (THM) are created as a byproduct of chlorinating water and increase the risk of the disease developing.

Taking a shower, having a long bath or going for a swim can increase the risk of absorbing THM through the skin, say the Spanish academics.

All three activities are associated with keeping clean or enjoying leisure time, and are much more likely to be undertaken by the wealthy.

The team examined 1,270 people and found wealthy individuals who drank more bottled water - to avoid the health risks posed by drinking tap water - cancelled out any beneficial effect by swimming more and taking more showers.

'People with more money and more education may think that they're reducing their risk of exposure to water contaminants by drinking bottled water,' says Dr Gemma Castaqo-Vinyals from the Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology [CREAL] in Castilla La Mancha, Spain.

'However, despite being apparently cleaner and taking more exercise, a result of taking more frequent and longer baths, and using swimming pools more often - they are actually increasing their risk of THM exposure.'

The findings were reported in the online journal BioMed Central.

In the UK drinking water can contain no more than 100 micrograms of THM per litre. A microgram is one millionth of a gram.

Posted 3/11/10

The Colorado School of Mines at fullscale facilities in Arizona and California. Activated carbon, and advanced oxidization have likewise shown promise in removing many of these contaminants. Individual manufacturers can also test products for specific pharmaceuticals if they choose.

As news reports about pharmaceuticals in water circulate, here are several facts for consumers to consider:

Whole House (point of entry) filtering systems provide

BEST protection for drinking water.

·Whole House Carbon based Filtering systems in the home provide the highest technology available for treatment of drinking water. Less than two percentof all water consumed is ingested by humans, making these “point-of-use” systems the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly. While utilities are required to meet safety standards set by the U.S. EPA, home filtering systems act as a final contaminant barrier and can further purify water for drinking. While specific product performance standards have not yet been developed for pharmaceuticals, many point-of-use technologies have proven effective for some of these emerging contaminants.

· According to Utah State University, up to 90 percent of oral drugs can pass through humans unchanged. These often then move through wastewater into streams and groundwater. It is generally cost prohibitive for utilities to use systems such as long contact activated carbon. However, these top technologies have proven successful at removing many contaminants in home water treatment systems.· In addition to pharmaceuticals, water quality experts are examining other emerging contaminants, such as those found in personal care products and pesticides. These are often referred to as endocrine disrupting chemicals. Home filtering systems have also been proven to treat threats such as lead and mercury.

Give the gift of health

by T.Franci 03-01-2011

Make the switch to pure water.

Installing the CL Free Whole House Water System is the most effective way to ensure the water supply in your home is as healthy as possible.

Our whole house water system will eliminate toxins and provide pure, fresh, clean, chlorine, chemical and salt free water from every faucet in your house. Not only is all drinking water and cooking water pure but you can safely inhale the steam from your shower, bathe, wash your hands, wash and wear your laundry, wash and eat off of your plates, glasses and utensils.

When you give your body water that is filled with toxins leached from plastic, or filled with chlorination and its by-products, or with volatile organic compounds, or water that is contaminated by pesticides or hormones, you are asking your body to work twice as hard at detoxification, because it must first detoxify the water you are drinking, before that water can be used to fuel your organs of detoxification.

Tap water is contaminated with a host of pollutants that increase your risk of serious health problems:


Skin problems
Parkinson's disease
Liver disease
Alzheimer’s disease
Learning disabilities in children
Gastrointestinal disease


The level of arsenic in US tap water is incredibly high. This poisonous element is a powerful carcinogenic, which has been linked to an increased risk of the development of several types of cancer. In 2001 the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lowered the maximum level of arsenic permitted in drinking water from 50 ug/L to 10 ug/L due to the established cancer risk.

The Natural Resources Defense Council estimates as many as 56 million Americans living in 25 states drink water with arsenic at unsafe levels. For more information, see the USGS website, which offers maps showing where and to what extent arsenic occurs in ground water across the United States.


Disposing of your unwanted or expired prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs in the trash or down the toilet runs the risk of ending up in the water supply. Some drugs that were never meant to be combined are mixed together in the drinking water you consume every day.

Chlorine and Disinfection byproducts.

Most community tap water supplies are treated with chlorine. Disinfection byproducts are the result of disinfecting water with chlorine. It is important to note that while consuming chlorine is certainly not healthy, DBPs are TEN THOUSAND TIMES more dangerous!

In addition to being a powerful carcinogenic, DPBs have also been linked to liver, kidney and nervous system problems.

It so important to make sure your water supply is safe and pure.

Good Hydration Helps Nourish Cells and Release Toxins

There are two benefits to having good penetration of water throughout your body. First, cells are supplied with the nutrients that are necessary to sustain life. Second, dangerous toxins are cleansed from the cells.

When cells do not have sufficient fluid, the toxins literally become glued to the cell walls. This dry cement like waste material can obviously not be excreted through the cell walls. When the buildup of toxins becomes critical the cell is no longer able to sustain life and dies.

When the body is adequately hydrated there is an efficient transport mechanism for the transfer of nutrients to each cell regardless of where the cell is located in your body. Waste and toxins are removed efficiently and effortlessly. Detoxification takes place gently, with little stress on the delicate systems of the body.

Make the choice today of taking better care of yourself. Give your body the water it needs to nourish your cells and remove toxins. Rest assured each cell in your body will be very, very appreciative.

Bottled Water

40 percent of bottled water is just bottled tap water, which may or may not have received additional filtration.

Also, drinking from plastic bottles is not a good idea.

Plastic bottles contain a chemical called bisphenol A or BPA, which is a synthetic hormone disruptor that has been linked to serious health problems such as:

Learning and behavioral problems
Altered immune system function
Prostate and breast cancer
Risk of obesity
Early puberty in both genders
Aside from the health risks, there is the devastating impact bottled water has had on our ecosystem.

Distilled Water

The problem with distilled water is that it is boiled and evaporated away from its dissolved minerals. The water then becomes acidic and seeks to balance itself by drawing minerals right out of your body. It will also draw out contaminants from the container it's stored in for this same reason.

What's worse, any contaminant in the water that vaporizes at a lower temperature than the water, such as volatile organic compounds, like disinfection byproducts that are thousands of times as toxic as chlorine, will be condensed and actually concentrated in the finished distilled water. So what you end up with is water that contains even more dangerous contaminants than what you started with.

Vitamin Water

Vitamin waters contain dangerous high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), artificial colors, additives, preservatives and caffeine. What's even worse is these manufacturers use distilled water to make their products, which, as you've read above, is one of the worst types of water you can put into your body.

There are many benefits you and your family can enjoy from drinking pure clean water.

Maintain a healthy body weight
Properly digest food and absorb nutrients from food
Have healthy, glowing skin
Decrease muscle and joint inflammation
Have better circulation
Detoxify your body naturally
The most efficient way to help your body both avoid and eliminate toxins is to provide your body with the cleanest, purest water you can find.

The CL Free®" Whole House, Point-of-Entry Systems, are an advanced method of water purification with state-of-the-art electronic ionization, oxidation, and multimedia Carbon based filtration.

CL FREE offers a home water treatment system with no salt, potassium, or high filter replacement costs. Truly superior, CL Free Water Systems are dedicated to quality and the highest degree of service in the water treatment business.