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Pool Filters Cape Coral FL

Pool Filters Cape Coral FLCL Free Water Systems provide the best pool filters without any salt, chlorine or any other chemical use. It uses the best pool filter with its own electronic sanitation technology to provide clean, crystal clear pool water without having to use harmful and toxic chemicals. CL Free Water Systems are eco-friendly and economical to use.

CL Free Water Systems provide purified, non-chemical pool water which is even safe for oral consumption. It’s chlorine-free and salt-free while reducing calcium and scale build-up through preventing unnecessary minerals from binding together. Its water treatment system provides an automatic pH control to maintain proper water chemistry and non-chemical bacterial control to get rid of dangerous pathogens. With CL Free's non-chlorine treatment system, you can have the utmost bathing experience, leaving you with a clean, residue-free feeling after swimming.

With the best pool filters from our company, you get a non-chlorine and non-salt water treatment system, so you can get rid of unhealthy exposure to chlorine and its by-products which may cause skin and hair dryness and roughness. Chlorinated pool waters may discolor your bathing suits and are corrosive to pool equipment and decks. Furthermore, backwash water is very harmful to pets and plants; hence, the use of chlorine is discouraged today. We offer an advanced pool sanitizing and filter system which utilizes copper ionization. This has been the premiere method of eliminating algae with copper as the main component of almost every popular pool algaecide product.

CL Free stands out from the rest as the ECO leader in the industry with its several unique innovations through electronically purifying discharges from pool systems. Pools treated by CL Free Water Systems facilities can now be used by children and those who cannot be exposed to chlorine or other chemicals. It is the best pool filters company, providing non-chlorine and non-salt water treatment through advanced water purification and treatment methods and technology.