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CL Free Water Systems

Dear CL Free,

After months of trying to determine why my 12 month old son had sores and rashes all over his body we finally found the answer we were looking for.

It was Chlorine.
My first thought was how in the world do we eliminate chlorine from our lives?
Chlorine is in our town water which means it is used in the recipes we cook; to wash our clothes, to bathe in, water our vegetable garden, etc.

We decided an in home water filtration system was a necessity for his quality of life but there were just so many options.
After weeks of research, we decided on purchasing a system CL Free Whole House Water System. Both Nick and Phil spent numerous hours speaking with my husband and I, answering a cajillion questions.

They helped us through every step of the way and educated us about all types of systems so that we could make an informed decision.
Within two weeks of installing our system we saw an incredible improvement in my son’s skin.

After 6 weeks his skin was completely healed! I am forever grateful for everyone at CL Free Water Systems. As a mother there is nothing more agonizing than watching your child suffer.

Nick and Phil both understood that and I honestly can’t thank them enough!
-Colleen, Craig and Nico, New Jersey

Hey Phil,

Just wanted to let you guys know how happy we are with the CL Free water system on our pool. After previously owning a pool that used
chlorine, and knowing the problems that my brother now has with his salt system, we knew we wanted something different. I'm an aerospace engineer working for GE Aviation so I did my homework before deciding on CL Free. The system has been operational for almost three years and I couldn't be happier. No bad smells or ill effects, just crystal clear water, and the dog loves it too! I have changed the copper plates one time and it was a piece of cake! The CL Free System has delivered on its promises, great clear water, hassle free and a great savings by not having to buy chlorine.

Thanks for producing such a great product!

-David Knapik
Sr. Manufacturing Engineer Technical led GE
Aviation, Mechanical Systems

Dear CL Free,

I wanted to let you know how great I think the CLFree pool system performs. Before I found out about this product I was using Chlorine to keep our pool sanitized. I was having frequent problems with cloudy water, algae problems, and found it almost impossible to keep the pool balanced. The alkalinity and pH levels were a nightmare to maintain. I was buying one product or another constantly and was at our local Leslie's store very frequently. It was very expensive. I was in the process of looking at the salt system for generating Chlorine, but had some concerns with that product since our pool is indoors and there is a large metal framework that holds up the terrarium style roof over the pool. I was concerned that even the low levels of salt would cause rust to form and eventually deteriorate the metal structure. In addition we have a heater with metal plumbing and I was told that this could deteriorate with the salt system. I started to do some internet research to determine IF my concerns with the salt system were valid. During this internet search I accidentally came across the CLFree system. I was very intrigued by the concept and was impressed by the recognition and promotion of the Discovery Channel, Home Makeover, etc. I called the phone number provided and spoke to CLFree representatives who were extremely knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable that the system was what I was looking for.

The system was extremely easy to install by myself. It was a great benefit and very reassuring to be able to call CLFree representatives, particularly Nick and Phil, to answer any questions that I may have during the initial conversion from Chlorine to the new copper system. It was very simple to get the copper levels to the required levels. After my copper levels were correct I was only testing for pH, alkalinity and copper. This was much easier than the old system. The levels were amazingly stable and I never had to adjust my alkalinity as I had before. I periodically had to adjust my pH using inexpensive Muriatic acid, but that was it. The copper levels stayed extremely stable and my water never looked better. After a short while I was able to decrease the frequency of testing my pH, alkalinity and copper to the point that it was sometimes months between testing, even though I realize that was not recommended. But, when I would test again the levels were right on. I could not be happier with a system. I honestly don't know why everyone doesn't convert to the CLFree way!!!

If I have any questions or concerns with pool chemistry I just call CLFree. They know more than anyone I have ever experienced at a pool store about pool chemistry, and were able to save us considerable expense by telling us standard chemicals to use that can be purchased at hardware or grocery stores, rather than the expensive pool chemicals. I should also point out that the people at Leslie's hardly know me anymore. I have not had to go into Leslies since we installed the system.

Sincerely, Brian

Dr. Ermeling
Clarkson Valley, MO

Dear CL Free,

CL free is better for your skin, your pool, better for your landscape and concrete coping and sidewalk. There is minimal use of muriatic acid needed, saving you money. We looked at a testimony from a pool in Brookline Massachusetts that sold us on your system and I do believe we have the best system out there. Occasional muriatic acid weekly if ph is too high is about all you need to deal with in the line of chemicals with the CL free system once you get your water to the correct calcium hardness recommended by the company. And the representatives are very helpful if you have a problem. All you have to do is call and they will be there to help. Our family is extremely happy and satisfied with our decision and the superlative support was and unexpected benefit.

-Sharon and Jed
Leawood, Kansas


Thanks again for your help over the last couple of weeks. Through my own negligence I let my pool chemistry get out of hand and started to get a mustard algae bloom. Lots of rain and extremely high levels of phosphates did the trick. I was laughed at by the pool company and told that I would have to go back on chlorine and start over. I called you instead and did exactly what you told me to do. Amazingly, it worked just like you said.

Algae are gone and the water is perfect once again. This is my first year on the system and we have loved it. It was easy to use and the water was so nice to swim in without chlorine. Everyone couldn't believe I wasn't using chlorine. My wife was having health issues related to chlorine and we had to do something. I was so thankful when I found this system. She loves it!

I've learned so much about taking care of a pool from you and Phil. You guys are great and ALWAYS available! We are chlorine free for life!

Thanks again.
-Jim Whitacre KY

Our dream of owning our own pool became reality the summer of 2008 when I was pregnant with out first child. While researching for a water treatment system we knew we didn’t want hazardous chemicals such as chlorine. We wanted to keep in mind that we would have a little one swimming with us soon. After much research, we decided on the CL Free system. We have been very pleased with the system’s performance and ease. We now have two sweet little girls enjoying the pool with us. We are thankful that they can learn to swim in safe, chemical free water.

Thanks CL Free,
-Lee Hawaii

What else can we say?
We are very happy with the CL FREE system that we installed over two years ago on our Viking Pool.
We will never go back to chlorine.
-Don Johnson, IL

CL Free

Attached is a photo of my completed pool renovation in August of 2010. As part of the renovation, I chose to convert the pool from standard chlorine sanitation to a CL Free ionization system. Since the conversion, I have had zero algae growth, and the only issues I have had related to my not keeping the PH at correct levels. (7.2 to 7.6) In addition, I have much less maintenance requirements. I have saved maybe $1500 so far on chemicals, and the water is much more pleasant to swim in (both for me and my 100 pound yellow lab).

We love it!

Thanks for all your help and assistance on the details of the installation and operations. I am one of your biggest fans in the Austin area, and tell everyone I talk to about the system that they should have one.

Thanks again,
-R. Johnson FL

Going on our THIRD year with the CL Free Pool System and all we can say is: We love the CL Free pool water sanitation system, just like spring water and simple to maintain.
Thank you,
-David Bluemont VA

After I installed the unit, the staff at CL Free was very helpful in setting up the system and helping with balancing my water. I had an issue with my water being cloudy and I worked with Phil and Nick and both were very helpful in explaining the issues and what I had been doing wrong with my maintenance. I also had a filter media problem that Phil helped me work through. A few days after correcting my issue with the filter, my water became clear and I have not had any problems since.

I have definitely saved on chemical usage and the cost associated with regular chemical maintenance. I now know that I do not have any harmful chemicals in my water and feel safer when my children swim. I would recommend anyone that is thinking about purchasing this system to try it. I would recommend not listening to any of the reviews on the internet and making your own decision. Also, listen to the staff at CL Free, as they will save you time in getting the system set up and operating properly.

- M. Szabo
Riverton IL

When we purchased our home, the previous owners were using bromine as a sanitizer for the indoor pool. After one time having to add tablets, I knew there was no way I wanted my family exposed to it anymore.

We have the CL Free Ultra system with pH control. Since then, our pool room has smelled fresh, our water has been clear, and we have really enjoyed our pool.

Brian Bednarek
-Pewaukee, WI

Dear CL Free,

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much we like your pool system. My wife and I are both sensitive to chlorine and are so happy to be rid of the red eyes and itchy skin. We use the pool a lot more now and the water feels great.
Our pool also gets a lot of use by our dogs both swimming and drinking and we feel so much better knowing they are in a healthy environment. I have attached a picture with our dog sitting in the pool as she does for much of the day.

Thanks again,
-Jay Denton, TX

Dear Phil,

I am dreaming of summer now as I look at these pictures and it is snowing. Sorry it took so long to send the pictures. I hope you can still use them if you wish. I have attached pictures that show how beautiful the water is and was all summer with only muriatic acid to adjust the pH. The system worked so very well for us keeping our computer setting at 4 we have not had too much of anything else to do.



Dear CL Free,

Simple and sweet. I love the CL Free System!!!!

Las Vegas Nevada

Dear CL Free,

My wife and I purchased the CL Free system and we can't be more pleased. We decided to go with CL Free due to our daughters severe allergies. We did not want to go with the traditional chlorine or a salt system due to the up keep and of course all the harsh chemicals.

The installation was really easy and while we have not needed that much support, your team has been extremely responsive, through and available. This system is a dream due to the low maintenance and ease of use. The water is so clear and comfortable to swim in I can't keep the kids out of it.

Thanks again!
-Chris & Carrie
Sterling, Va

Greetings Phil and Friends at CL Free;

I have had a CL free system on my pool for 2 years now and could not be more pleased. It is such a pleasure to swim in water with NO chemicals. The maintenance is a snap and my Ph level is always dead on. I am very grateful that I have installed this system and highly recommend it.

New Orleans, LA

We have an in ground pool and got the CL Free Pool System with Ph Management instead of Salt or Chlorine. We have a lot of friends with the salt system and they seem to go through a new pump every five years or so. We wanted to go a healthier way.
We heard about CL Free and then did some research and then called CL Free.

Hey, NO salt (that turns into chlorine and has a lot of deposits and corrosion issues), NO chlorine, and NO chemicals. We get enough chemicals living in Louisiana with all its farm land. We got the system and I, a woman, had to hook it up. It was a simple job. I have never had a pool or had to do pool maintance so this is all new to me.

The customer service has been WONDERFUL, HELPFUL, and VERY PATIENT. I love the system, the water is crystal clear, the kids don't complain about burning eyes and their eyes aren't red. There is no chlorine smell and our hair doesn't dry out from the chemicals. Love it, love it, love it. I do my weekly brushing and testing, it is so easy.

Thank you CL Free!
-The Krishna Family Rayvillem LA

Incredible is how I like to describe our CL Free System. Installation will take about two hours tops for a plumber or pool service company. If you know how to cut pvc pipe you can install it yourself. Crystal clear water that you can drink! All maintained by low voltage charges to copper and titanium plates in a clear tube attached to the pool equipment. It's not the savings in cost of chlorine; it's the fact that no chlorine is used - ever that makes this system great. I will never have a chlorine pool again, and believe that the CL Free system will be the standard of pool water quality in the future. Highly recommended.

-Bill and Suzy
Mount Olive, NJ

My wife and two daughters absolutely love me, actually they say they love me more, for installing the CL Free Pool system. The switch to an alternative sanitizer was generated by me, because I was unable to enjoy our pool anymore. Over the years I've grown less tolerant towards chlorine, breaking out in a terrible itchy rash after a swim. I researched three products and chose the CL Free System because it had everything and the customer service looked far superior. I have been very pleased with the product and the support they have provided to us. I can actually enjoy an all day swim with no adverse affect, the first time in years. The water is crystal clear, soft and I do less cleaning. I have only cleaned the exposed vinyl once, when it was opened after the winter, wow there is no scum line. My wife and daughters enjoy the no chlorine pool because it doesn't bleach or fade their swimsuit, no dry skin, no pungent smell, no burning eyes and leaves you with great hair.

-Gary & Kelly Hooker

Dear CL Free,

Here is a picture of our pool and the water is great. Can’t say enough about this system. Beautiful!!

-Johnny, Magnolia Texas

I have been very pleased with the CL Free system....the water is really clear and great to be in. I really LOVE IT !!!!

-L. Lewis AL

Yes swimming in my pool is a dream come true. My skin feels soft and my hands don't wrinkle and I can open my eyes in the water. When i get out of pool I don't have to shower and don't smell like bleach like in my friends pool. THANKS CL-FREE for a great product.

-Mark Parker
Loveland, Ohio

Hi Phil,

Wanted to say ‘thank you’ for all your help. Through your efforts my pool looks marvelous! There is no sign of algae, no smells, and most important NO chlorine. Just in time for the summer. I highly recommend this to anyone who has sensitive skin, or concerned with their well being.

-Carlos, Chandler AZ

Dear CL Free Water Systems,

Our pool is an indoor lap pool, has its own climate and humidity control. Your system allows me to swim in wonderfully clear chemical free, chlorine free water. I swim almost every day year round, when it is 100 degrees outside, or 4 degrees with 20 inches of snow.

-Carol D
Columbia, MO

Dear CL Free

We had our ChlorineFree USA system installed last Spring (2007), and we couldn't be more pleased! The guy at the local pool store had told me that the only family he knew who had installed a chlorine-free system (by another manufacturer, ECOsmarte) had such problems that they went back to chlorine!!

So - I was concerned, but I just hated using poisonous chlorine to swim in. I am a devout environmentalist and had studiously avoided using chlorine products for laundry and cleaning for decades! Now we were using gallons and gallons of the stuff in our pool. I hated knowing what we were doing to the environment, what we were doing to our swimmers' health, the smell in our hair and our swimsuits, the dead animals in the skimmer basket, etc., etc.

We spent some time studying the chlorine-free systems, and decided we liked ChlorineFree the best. We had it installed with a new pump (the old one was decades old), new liner (the old one had an irreparable tear), a new DE filter system, and an electric pool cover.
Now we swim in beautiful, clear water with a fresh feel and smell. The system over-wintered with no problems. The only problem we have had is when we lost the test kit (it had fallen behind a cabinet) at the top of the summer heat.

When we uncovered the pool this Spring, the water was just as clear and beautiful as it had been in the Autumn! We jumped right in! We look forward to many more years of healthful swimming! Thank you so much for your wonderful product!

-Beth Grant

CL Free Water Systems,

Thank you very much! We LOVE the system. It's been wonderful for our kids. The only downside is now the water is clean enough that the dogs like to drink it!

Jenn Nisi

Dear CL Free Water Systems,

I've had my chlorine free system for about three years. When I first had my CL Free Pool System installed the guy at the pool store told me those systems don't really work ? I was one of his best customers constantly buying conditioners, liquid chlorine, stabilizer tablets and shock treatment ,well all of that is a thing of the past

I still visit that pool store about once every 4 months to buy just 10 bucks worth of pool acid .All I can say is I am very happy with the system and it works GREAT.

Thanks Doug
-Simi valley CA.

The ChlorineFree System has been a great choice for us. We replaced a very corrosive salt water system and have found it:

• Very easy to maintain
• Produces nice conditions for swimming
• Has had no issues with algae growth
• No more lugging bags of salt or replacing corroded pool cover reels

-Scott Paly
CEO Global DataGuard, Inc

Here are pictures of our thirty year old pool that I self installed the CL FREE standard pool system last summer. A year later we can truly say how pleased we've been with your product, the water feels softer and the maintenance is much easer. We would recommend your product to any one who is thinking about converting from chlorine to some other form of pool sanitation.

Also, it is really great to be able to phone and get a real live person to talk to when you have a question about the system, water chemistry, or technical advice and get an answer immediately. Thank you Phil, Nick,and Bill.

The one's who use our pool the most are our grandkids, especially our autistic grandson "Stevie T " who spends hours swimming.They all have enjoyed the pool more since we installed your system which in-it-self made the conversion worth while.

Thanks CL FREE,
-Dick and Pat Bothwell
Longview, Texas

CL Free Water,

Thank you very much for the info on the alkalinity. It was very helpful. Just as a recap, I would like to give you a summary of my experience with my pool and spa which uses your CL Free System. As this is my first pool, I have been very careful with all of my adjustments and appreciate the help I have received from you at CL Free systems as I did the initial adjustments.

My Pool with Spa is approximately 20,000 gallons. I completed my fill on July 10, 2010. Within a week, my Copper levels were stable between .5 and .75. The pool has a Pebble Sheen finish and I have had no problem maintaining it at a Ph of between 7.4 and 7.6. My alkalinity runs in the 80 to 90 range, hardness remains about 250 and I have zero phosphates. The water is crystal clear with no hardness or harshness apparent and it literally is like bottled water.

Once I established my initial copper levels, I experimented up and down with the copper settings on the CL Free System computer. I am running settings of 9 for the Oxidizer and now 3 for the Copper. I think ultimately my sustained setting is either 3 or 4 and it depends on how much rain we get in the Tampa area.

My neighbors are amazed at how easy it is for me to maintain this pool and are bemoaning the fact that they are constantly adding chemicals to their pools. This has certainly been an enjoyable experience for me and I would like to thank you and your staff for first, an excellent product and second for the support that you have given me during my first pool experience. I would and have recommended your system to anyone who talks to me about pools.

Thank you very much for your great product and your valuable assistance. I am enclosing several pictures of my pool which you are free to use as you wish.

Regards, Art Ackerman
-Valrico, Florida


Dear CL Free,

I appreciate the great lengths you went to to make me a CL Free customer! My head is still in a bit of a spin as I went from not knowing such a product existed last week, to purchasing one this week! Normally, I would be seriously doubting myself over such a purchase, but I couldn't be more excited. .

I'm an advocate of natural, wholistic medicine so I've read a lot over the past 5 years about the ill effects of chlorine. I think I was most surprised when I learned that more chlorine is absorbed through the skin from bathing than from drinking the same tap water. I'm sure you're very familiar with that research, but if you ever get an itch to find new sources or such, is a highly reputable source, based on my experience (my wife and I have been treated at Dr.Mercola's clinic in Chicago), containing what is probably the largest database of natural medicine articles on the internet. The evidence against chlorine, and tap water with flouride, is overwhelming. My kids don't drink chlorinated tap water, and now they won't even have to swim in it. That's amazing!

My pool is not much to look at right now (working on a new fence by late spring), but I'm a part-time pro photographer so I think I can give you an acceptable angle. I'm also big on details so I can be sure to get some good pics of the installed equipment once it's completed.

Thanks again!

Dear CL Free Water Systems,
Here are the pictures of my pool and equipment right before closing.

This is my second season using the CL Free system. My family is very glad we installed the system. With the chlorine pool we would have to take showers rinsing the chlorine off of our bodies after every use because of our asthma conditions. With the CL Free pool it isn't necessary, we used the pool more because we didn't have the inconvenience of showering off and the water is just GREAT and we can breathe much better.
Another the big reason we like the system is the cost savings. No chemicals to buy except muriatic acid to keep my ph levels in check. I also had a Hugh cost savings of not running the pool pump 24/7, as I did with Chlorine. We run it the pool 12-14 hours a day with great results. I will have recouped all the money I spent on the system a month into next season.

Thanks CL Free
-Rich Pfeiff
Huntingtown, Md

Hey Bill,

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much we love the CL Free system and the pool water quality.
Our water temp is up to 74 degrees… still a little chilly, but we’ve been swimming.
Sure do like the results and the PH management system sure is handy.

-Paul K.
Lake Havasu City, AZ

Dealer Nick at CL Free Water Systems,

The CL Free Water System works GREAT on our swimming pool. Very simple for us to maintain and to monitor the water chemistry. The MOST important reason for us to be thrilled with the CL Free Water System is that our dog Libbie no longer experiences an upset stomach as she has in the past from swimming (and drinking) in our chlorine and salt water pools. I am enclosing pictures of Libbie enjoying the CL Free Water System.

- Terie and Jim Huston (and Libbie our Dog)
Washington, Utah

Dear CL Free and Katie,

My family loves our CL Free pool. We don’t have a chlorine smell on our bodies, hair or towels that other pool cleaning systems have. The water has no chemical smell or taste to it and you can open your eyes to swim underwater. It’s like swimming in a bathtub.

We installed a natural rock waterfall and have natural stone coping. With a chlorine or salt pool, we would have to apply a rock sealant on that every 3 months and potentially replace it in 3-5 years. With our CL Free system, we don’t have to worry about that type of maintenance. The only maintenance we have is keeping the water Ph and Alkalinity balanced.

I’ve owned a chlorine pool previously and it was a lot more work to maintain than our current pool. After looking at the costs of chemicals and sealants with salt and chlorine, it was obvious to us this was a more economical choice for the long term.
We are looking forward to enjoying many years in our wonderful CL Free pool.

- Doug and Sherrell Wilson
Magnolia, TX

Dear Joe:

I just wanted to write this letter to let you know how pleased my family and I are with the CL Free Water System. I can’t believe how easy our pool was to take care of this summer. All of the warnings we got from our friends and family who own pools, made us nervous that maintaining a pool was going to be just another chore in our hectic lifestyle. Thanks to the CL Free Water System, our pool was so easy to maintain that it almost made me feel as though I wasn’t doing enough. And it gave me the peace of mind to sit back, relax and enjoy our summer fun.

When we decided to install our in-ground pool, we were leaning towards installing a salt water generator, which are very popular today. We were excited at the fact that we wouldn’t have to use chlorine in our pool, however, after some research we discovered that salt generators actually convert salt into chlorine by electrically charging the salt ions, therefore we would still have a chlorine pool. And as many of us are aware, chlorine is a powerful chemical which studies have shown can cause serious health problems in adults, as well as children. There was no way we wanted to subject ourselves, our son or our friends to such a dangerous substance, and that’s when we found you and your company. You spent countless hours with my husband and me on the phone, assuring us of your product and sharing your endless knowledge. We received the system within days of ordering it and my husband who installed it, had it up and running in no time. And more important, it cost the same as a salt water generator and did not require us to purchase twenty five pounds of salt weekly or tons of chlorine tablets.

Phil, I want to add a sincere thank you, because there wasn’t one time that you didn’t pick up your phone to answer one of my many questions or concerns. It was as though I was looking for something to go wrong and just never found it. Your partner Nick was also very helpful and just as willing and able to answer any and all of my questions. I hope that you post this letter on your website if you can, because I want everyone to know what a great product you sell. My pool water is so clean and clear, some of our friends find it hard to believe that it is chlorine free, however as soon as they swim in it, they feel the difference from their eyes not burning to their skin not smelling like chlorine. And most important we feel good knowing that anyone swimming in our pool, including ourselves is free from the dangers of chlorine related health problems.

Very truly yours,
-The Comito Family, Nick, Jeannine & Nick, Jr. Long Island, New York

Dear CL Free Water Systems,

Had the opportunity to get some extra swimming in before the season ends here in Michigan this past weekend. We have always been in salt/chlorine systems all our lives. So the CL free system was the first for a non chemical system. Wow.. We could not believe it, no burning eyes, smell or irritation of any kind. Just crystal clear clean bath water or bottled water. Everybody was impressed. Glad we made this choice.

Lake Orion Michigan

Hi Bill,

Where do I start? The CL Free is the best investment we have made for our house! Our friends and family can't believe we drink our tap water! The best part is that we don't have to buy salt every month making the maintenance virtually nonexistent! When we move we plan to buy another one!

Thank you CL Free !!
-Andrea & Russ Stimpson, Mesa, AZ

Dear Bill,

We were fortunate to have learned about CL Free and had a system installed in our home back in October of 2005. We were hoping to make the water in our home safer for the family and pets. The taste was greatly improved which was an added bonus because we no longer needed to buy the costly bottle water from the store!

My greatest surprise was my least expected one. My son Aiden has suffered from Eczema his whole life. We had come to the realization that even though medicated creams helped, the Eczema was never fully going to go away. So, my poor son learned to deal with the itching and the cracking of his skin. Almost immediately after installing the CL Free system in our home, Aiden’s Eczema cleared up completely! I could not believe it. After speaking with his doctor we were told that the chlorine and chemicals in the city water are extremely drying to the skin and now with the CL Free System, those chemicals and chlorine no longer aggravate his Eczema. Now almost two years later, his Eczema is still gone. I would recommend a CL Free system to everyone; it is the responsible thing to do for your family!

-Cortney Ortiz

CL Free Water Systems

We have three children who love being in the pool all day. When we had the pool made the first choice was to install CL Free Water System for our pool. Our youngest child has breathing and skin allergies' and since we installed the CL Free Water System we noticed a big difference in his health. His asthma is under control and his skin allergies have reduced. If he goes to a friend’s pool we notice the difference with his breathing and skin. The system is worth its weight in gold. We are sold with the system and would love doing a national commercial with our kids in our pool.

-The Rosado Family, Simi Valley, California

When I was building my GREEN home, I also included a large swimming pool. After much research, The C.L. Free Water Systems was chosen. I have been asked why salt wasn’t chosen.

Well, I too thought that was the “going green thing” until again, research taught me that the biggest destroyer of the Arizona underground water table is salt––it is leeched back into the ground via saltwater backwashing the pool filters and the “all-innocent water softener.”
I absolutely love the C.L. Free System. It is a copper ionization and oxidizing process that kills all bacteria and algae. It is easy to maintain––much cheaper than chlorine, and the water, if kept correctly, is safe to drink, which I have been doing! Another benefit is no more green hair (pardon the pun), itchy skin, or red eyes. Also there is no calcium buildup around the pool edge.

The water is absolutely crystal clear and feels like silk falling through your fingers to touch. The rep for this area has been so enthusiastic and always going above the call of duty––that it was easy to choose the C.L. Free Whole-House point-of-entry system for the house. This System removes chlorine, chemicals, and organic matter from the water. It changes minerals to digestible bicarbonates.
Like the pool, the house water has a luscious silky feel, which will leave hair soft and shiny, and no dry skin. Even the landscape plants will get a boost from the chemical free water.

This article is from the Ultimate Home Design Magazine Jan 2010 edition “Half an acre of Passionate Green” Built by R&R Contracting
-By Sharion Beale

Hi Phil,

I wanted to tell everyone at CL Free about how much I love my pool with your system. It is a joy to swim in a pool with NO chemicals!! My dog "Shorty" loves to drink it!

Thanks for providing such a wonderful product.
-Dan Fribush-New Orleans, LA

I have attached a couple pictures of the pool. This year was the best. I had no chemicals to put in and the algae issue was nonexistent. I checked the PH which didn’t change much after the first of the season and that was about it. I love the CL Free system.

-Margaret New Mexico

We are going on our second year and what can we say except: "We really enjoy the pool and very little required maintenance... Not to mention the crystal clear water!"

Thanks for a GREAT product
-Cheers from Arizona

We installed the CL Free system and have been very happy with the results. Our pool is 41’x21’ and is a public recreational pool for dogs. It is high usage pool and the CL Free system has done very well with keeping the water clean and clear. It has been wonderful to be able to tell clients that they don’t have to worry about rinsing the chlorine off their dogs after swimming.