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Water Purification Cape Coral FL

Water Purification Cape Coral FLClean and pure water is very essential to your health and to your family. It is fundamental to have the best water purification process available for your home to ensure the availability of healthy water. The water that you drink and you bathe in should be both free of bacteria, microorganisms, contaminants and chemicals which may cause skin and cell damage and waste accumulation inside your body.

Our water purification process helps you get rid of harmful and unhealthy water by offering you the best chemical free system to give you a reliable and safe water treatment process. CL Free Water Systems has been providing the highest quality yet economically practical water purification and treatment systems available for homes. It provides the safest water treatment through its Electronic Sanitation Technologies to bring you clean, crystal clear water without using salt, chlorine, or any other harmful chemicals. It has several unique innovations which deliver an environmentally responsible water treatment system into your home.

CL Free performs the water purification process through electronically treating the discharges from your home systems with its non-chlorine and non-salt water treatment. It uses an advanced method of water purification with its electronic ionization with dual media carbon based filtration and oxidation.

CL Free water purification system replaces the uses of water softeners, iron filters, chemical feeders, taste and odor filters, and eliminates the need for bottled water or other water treatment methods. It treats your water system without restricting, limiting or otherwise reducing your supply of water in all cases. Its water treatment system frees you from harmful substances while retaining healthful and beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium. In addition, it uses low copper for bacterial control to get rid of harmful pathogens. Further, it prevents minerals in your water from creating hard scale build up by electrically charging them so they don’t bind together. CL Free guarantees your satisfaction as it is the most practical and appropriate for residential application.